To Know Who You Are and who you want to be

I graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2006 and have taught at Royse City Middle School since then.  I decided to go back to college and become a social studies teacher after the September 11th 2001 Terrorist Attacks and the death of my father a month later.  My father was a career Air Force NCO.  He and many others have selflessly served our nation.  After reflecting on the direction of my life I decided to make a change and do something to contribute to our amazing country. 

I grew up living in and visiting other countries.  I had the opportunity to meet and interact with people from many nations.  I have a great appreciation for our country and the freedoms we have here.  I hope to inspire students to take advantage of those freedoms by participating in government and becoming a responsible citizen.  I hope to instill in our students an appreciation for the history of this great nation and the sacrifice of those who have served it.