To Know Who You Are and who you want to be

19 Washington's Farewell Address

  • A Published across the country
  • B Gave two pieces of advice
    • 1) Avoid political parties
    • ​2) Stay out of foreign affairs

18 Washington Retires

  • A Washington retires after two terms in office
  • B Shows great restraint from seeking power
  • ​C This action further proved the quality of Washington's leadership
  • D Sets a precedent followed until FDR and WWII

  • E Farmers think back to Shay's Rebellion
  • F Decide to fight
  • ​G Washington sends 13,000 troops to stop the 400 rebels
  • H Shows he can lay the smack down as the new Federal Government

17 Trouble with Taxes

​The Whiskey Rebellion

  • A Hamilton's financial plan placed a high tax on Whiskey
  • B Farmers were making lots of money on whiskey
  • C Turning their grain into whiskey instead of selling it for baked goods
  • D As usual government wants their cut of the money being made TAX IT! 

  • D Washington sends the army
  • ​E Natives make a final stand at the Battle of Fallen Timbers
  • ​F Natives get PWNED
  • G Treaty of Greenville
  • H Natives have to leave

16 Fighting with Natives

  • A Natives in the North West Territories refuse to leave their land
  • ​B Americans invading their area
  • ​C Several tribes unite together to fight the Americans


Did you know? George Washington did not live in Washington DC. When he was president New York City was the Nations Capital.
Why did Washington think America surely lose a new war with England?

  • H Washington sends ambassador John Jay
  • ​I Agree to all England's demands, Jay's Treaty
  • J ​Would surely lose war against England

  • D Our helping France makes England very angry
  • E England starts attacking American ships bound for France
  • F ​Americans want to go to war with England
  • G Washington knows better

15 Trouble with France and England

  • A France and England go to war
  • B Both sides expect the US to help them as they are allies
  • C Washington remains neutral and continues to trade (help) with both

  • E Washington tells them no
  • F Says his debt is with the French Government they are overthrowing
  • G Doesn't want to risk losing a fight 
  • ​H He barely survived the last one

14 The French Revolution

  • A France has their own Revolution not long after America
  • B The French revolutionaries expect America's help
  • C Many Americans want to help
  • D Especially Jefferson

  • ​D Washington sends ambassador Pinckney to negotiate 
  • E Americans want Washington to fight with Spain and show them some 'Merica
  • ​F Washington realizes they would probably get whooped and works out peaceful resolution, Pinckney's Treaty

13 Trouble with Spain

  • A Spain claims the MS River belongs to them
  • B They would not allow Americans to transport goods or people on the MS River
  • C Started charging fees to Americans storing ships and goods in New Orleans

12 Foreign Policy Problems

  • A The United States is a brand new nation and other countries are going to test them and push them around
  • B They are considered weak and maybe they will be easy to take over
Have you ever had some one mess with you because they were bigger and stronger and could do it? Maybe you mess with your little brother or sister.

How will the South benefit from this?

11 Accepting the Plan

  • A Thomas Jefferson convinces the south to accept Hamilton's Financial Plan in exchange for building the Nations Capital in the South (Washington DC)

By the time he was president of the United States, George only had one original tooth left.  He spent the rest of his life in constant pain from ill-fitting dentures that distorted the shape of his mouth.  They were made from animal Ivory not wood.

10 Resistance to the Plan

  • A South says Northern states started the war and incurred the debt
  • ​B South thought National Bank was unconstitutional and would give the government too much power

9 Hamilton's Financial Plan

  • A Tariff - Import taxes on foreign goods
  • B Business and other taxes
  • C Repay the war debt
  • D ​National Bank - to Control the governments money, print money, and loan money to businesses

Which Truck is more dependable and reliable?  Which would you not want to be assocaited with?

Have you ever owed someone money?

8 Economic Uncertainty

  • A $52 Million in war debt to repay
  • B ​In order to earn respect and be considered reliable they had to repay the debt quickly
  • C Going to take big moves to develop a good reputation

7 New Nation problems

  • A Economic uncertainty
  • B Foreign Policy
  • ​C Domestic Policy

6 Justice Department

  • A In charge of legal matters and Law enforcement
  • ​B Added by George Washington
  • C Attorney General Edmund Randolph

Who do you turn to for advice?

Miniature portrait of Jefferson (1788) by John Trumbull

5 State Department

  • A In charge of Foreign Affairs
  • B Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson

4 Treasury Department

  • A In charge of the Nations Money
  • B Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton
  • C ​Had very big and important ideas about the economy

3 War Department

  • A In charge of the Nations Defense
  • B Today called Defense Department
  • C Secretary of War Henry Knox
  • D ​Served under Washington in Revolutionary War

2 Washington's Cabinet

  • A ​Cabinet = Advisors, people who are very knowledgeable on their area of expertise
  • B Appoints department heads or "Secretaries"

1 First President

  • A ​No examples to follow, the OP (Original President)
  • B ​Highly Scrutinized
  • C ​He'll be a Hero or a Zero
  • D ​Sets many precedents (Doing something for the first time)

George Washington