To Know Who You Are and who you want to be

  • E Archaic Period: Natives hunted Buffalo, Antelope, and Deer with an atlatl

4 Cities of the Coastal Plains

  • A Dallas
    • ​1 Originally grew as financial and insurance center
    • 2 Today home to many technology and telcom companies
    • 3 DFW International, one of the busiest airports in the world 
    • 4 Trinity River
  • B Austin
    • ​​1 Capital of Texas
    • 2  Home to many technology companies
    • ​3 Famous for its many live music venues
    • ​4 Colorado River
  • C Houston
    • ​​1 Home to many industries including energy, shipping, aeronautics, and oil
    • ​2 NASA Johnson Space Center
    • ​3 San Jacnito River

9 Native Texans

  • A American Indian tribes adapted their way of life to the different regions of Texas
  • B Nomadic groups lived in the plains regions
  • C Settled groups lived in East Texas

3 Coastal Plains Subregions

  • Piney Woods, Post Oak Belt, Black Land Prairie, Gulf Coast, South Texas Prairie

What major river runs through Dallas?

5 North Central Plains

  • A This region becomes increasingly drier and higher in elevation from east to west
  • B  Region begins at the Balcones Escarpment and continues west to the Caprock Escarpment
  • C It is covered by grasses and small trees
  • D Bordered to the North by the Red River

Native Texans

Have you Driven west across Texas from DFW?  Did you notice the road was steadily climbing up hill?

8 Mountains and Basins 

  • A Tall Mountains separated by large valleys
  • ​B This region has the highest elevations and the driest climate
  • ​C Guadalupe Peak highest point in Texas 8,751 ft
  • D Includes the city of El Paso
  • E Rio Grande River is border with Mexico


  • E Includes the Edwards Aquifer
    • ​1 Provides drinking water for 2 million people and irrigation for agriculture

1 Regions of Texas

  • A Coastal Plains​
  • B Central Plains
  • C Great Plains
  • ​D Mountains and Basins
  • D Paleo-Indian Period: Native Texans hunted Mammoths and Mastodons with flint tipped spears

Have you been to Austin? The Bob Bullock Texas History Musum or the Capitol Building?

2 Coastal Plains

  • A Includes most of the largest cities in Texas
    • ​1 Dallas
    • 2 Houston
    • 3 Austin 
    • ​4 San Antonio
  • B Lowest elevation of all four regions
  • C Cities developed on or near waterways for trade and transportation (Ocean/River)
  • ​D Most farming and ranching in this region
  • E Bordered to the North by the Red River
  • F Has a lot of rivers that empty in the Gulf of Mexico

12 Jumano

  • A Live in Mountains and Basins Region
  • B Permanent Pueblo villages of adobe homes​

14 Karankawa

  • A Lived along the Gulf coast in the Coastal Region
  • B Nomadic tribe
  • ​C Not considered cannibals?  Because they "only ate their enemies to absorb their magical powers, not for food" (duh)
  • ​D They were tall and fearsome warriors who were skilled with long bows.

10 Caddo

  • A Lives in East Texas, Coastal plains
  • ​B Live in tall dome shaped huts framed with wood and covered in grass
  • ​C Settled in villages

7 Great Plains 

  • A Southern most end of the U.S. Great Plains
  • B Palo Duro Canyon in Pan Handle
  • C Some of the best flat lands suitable for farming

Have you traveled North through the Great Plains of the United States?  What do you remember about that landscape?

  • F Late Prehistoric: Natives began living in villages, planting crops, taming animals, and hunting with bow and arrow

What do most of these have in common?

Natural Texas and It's People

13 Coahuiltecans

  • A Name of a large group of tribes or small bands of Natives in South Texas along the Rio Grande and Gulf Coast
  • B Coastal Plains region
  • ​C Originally lived in permanent wickiup huts
  • D Later they became nomadic and had no shelters
  • E Wiped out by the Spanish

Have you visited San Antonio?  What was your favorite place there?

11 Comanche

  • A Nomadic tribe of the Great Plains
  • B lived in Tipis
  • C Followed the Buffalo

Have you ever visited the Mountains and Basins Region?  How was it different than here?

6 North Central Plains Subregions

  • A Grand Prairie, Cross Timbers, and Rolling Plains
  • D  San Antonio

  • 1 Center of Tourism
  • 2 Home to many military bases
  • ​3 San Antonio River