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Slaves and Free Blacks in the Colonies

  • ​Neither could vote

Other Influences

  • ​European Enlightenment philosophers Montesquieu and Locke greatly influenced colonial leaders with their ideas about freedom and Rights
  • Enlightenment was a shift to thinking about freedom and rights as well as science and reasoning
  • ​William Penn also created a colonial legislature which limited the government in Pennsylvania

  • ​All 13 colonies develop their own governments
  • ​All are self governing
  • All are representative governments
  • All Write constitutions
  • ​These are the Foundations of American Government Today

Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

  • ​1639
  • Rule of Law for CT
  • ​Writing of it directly influenced by Thomas Hooker
  • ​First Constitution in the New World

Virginia House of Burgesses

  • ​1619
  • Members were elected by the people
  • ​First representative government in the new world

Mayflower Compact

  • ​1620
  • Agreement among Pilgrim men
  • Established self government
  • ​Not a Constitution

English Tradition

  • ​Wanted colonies to be like England
  • ​Far away difficult to control
  • ​Develop their own culture and identity
  • ​Salutary Neglect - King and Parliament ignored the colonies and allowed them to do their own thing
  • ​Royal Governors reported to Monarch
  • ​Allowed to create own self government

English Treatment of the Colonies

  • ​Were English citizens but had no representation in Parliament

Does it matter

  • ​The King still has the ultimate authority

English Bill of Rights

  • 1689 
  • ​Gave more power to Parliament

English Documents

  • Influenced Colonial Government

Magna Carta

  • 1215
  • Gave basic rights to free English citizens
  • ​Included idea of Trial by Jury


  • Only power is to vote for Parliament members or run to be one (only wealthy white men)


  • ​Elected officials who represent the people and make laws
  • A Representative government system that the colonists were used to

He is... the most interesting King in the World.

English Government

  • ​Controlled by a Monarch (King or Queen)
  • ​Has ultimate authority
  • ​Uses military to enforce law

Colonial Government