4 Politics and Government

  • A Opposition to Radical Republicans in Congress leads to the Democratic party controlling Southern politics for a century after the Civil War
  • B Homestead Act: Sold Families 160 Acres out west for $1.25 an acre
    • ​Encouraged the settlement of western territories
  • C Dawes Act: Forced ownership of Indian lands to be divided among individual members
  • D Morrill Act of 1862: Donates public land for State Colleges

3 African Americans

  • A Bad: Persecuted by KKK
  • B Bad: Several states pass laws to limit the opportunities of African Americans, Jim Crow Laws
  • ​C Good: Freedmen's Bureau: Establishes schools, Educational opportunities for AA
  • D Good: Hiram Rhodes Revels 1870 First AA Senator

2 Focus of Reconstruction

  • A 1865-1877
  • B U.S. Army stationed in the South act as government
  • C Rebuild war torn states
  • D Restore southern state governments
  • ​E Secure rights of African Americans

1 Losses

  • A Approx 620,000 to 700,000 dead
  • ​B Cost 3-6 billion dollars in today's money $71 Billion!!!!
  • ​C Confederate dollars worthless
  • E​ 13th Amendment: Officially frees ALL slaves
  • F 14th Amendment: Grants citizenship to formerly enslaved people
  • G 15th Amendment: Grants voting rights to African American men

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