• E It's a disaster
  • F No one can buy American exports
  • G Backfires hurts American economy

6 Embargo Act of 1807

  • A Jefferson says America won't trade with either France or England
  • B Jefferson closes American ports to British imports
  • C Thinks this will scare them both in to cooperating with us
  • D France and England don't care

5 Foreign problems

  • A The usual France and England fighting
  • B Both still mad at us for trading with the other
  • C Both trying to stop us and blockading our ships
  • D England still capturing American ships and enslaving the sailors (Impressment)

4 Louisiana Purchase

  • A 1803
  • B Bought from France for $15 million
  • C ​Doubled the size of the U.S.
  • ​D Explored by Lewis and Clark
  • E Considered Jefferson's greatest achievement 

3 Eliminates Federalist Programs

  • A Allows Alien and Sedition acts to expire
  • ​B Cuts Hamilton's Taxes and closes the National Bank
  • C Cuts many Government jobs
  • ​D Reduces the size of the military
  • ​E Makes him popular with the people

  • E Marbury v Madison decision says Madison was wrong BUT the law Marbury is using to argue his case is unconstitutional

  • F Marbury v Madison establishes Judicial review

  • G Judicial Review = The Courts can declare a law unconstitutional

  • H Unconstitutional = a law goes against what is already said in the constitution​

Bradford ShermanBA Texas A&M Commerce

Historian of History

2 Adams Midnight Appointees

  • A Adams appoints several new judges
  • B Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Marshall
  • ​C William Marbury another, James Madison does not process his appointment and Marbury never gets his job
  • D ​Marbury take it to the Supreme Court

  • D Burr hates Hamilton's guts for causing him to lose
  • E years later Vice-President Aaron Burr kills Hamilton in a duel

1 Election of 1800

  • A Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tie
  • ​B Hamilton makes an anti-Burr Speech and sways votes to Jefferson
  • C Jefferson wins the tie breaker vote in the House of Reps

The Jefferson Era

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