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7 Northwest Territories

  • ​A The Confederation Congress was able to effectively deal with the issue of dividing up and settling the Northwest Territories
  • B Land Ordinance: Divided up the land into separate territories
  • C Northwest Ordinance: Created laws and requirements for territories to become states

6 Impact of Shays Rebellion

  • ​A National government could do nothing to help
  • B They had no money, no troops, no authority to enforce laws
  • C Shays Rebellion took MA a long time to stop
  • D People in other states feared it could happen in their state too
  • E Government obviously too weak to TCOB

5 Shays Rebellion

  • ​A Farmers angry over high taxes in Massachusetts
  • B Loosing their farms and being jailed for not paying
  • C Country just had a revolution because of taxes
  • D ​Farmers led by Daniel Shay go ape, burn down government buildings and release prisoners

4 Government was weak

  • A ​Most powers left to the states
  • B Why? Because _________ had a strong controlling government.
  • C They feared giving the government too much power

3 Major Problems

  • ​A No power to enforce laws 
  • ​B Could not pass taxes
  • ​C Could not regulate trade
  • D ​Difficult to change

2 AoC 1 Branch of Government

  • ​A Only a legislative Branch
  • ​B Each state got one vote
  • C Needed 9 of 13 yes votes to pass new law
  • ​D Needed 13 of 13 to change Articles
  • E No Judicial or Courts
  • F No Executive or President

1 Articles : AoC

  • ​A 1st Constitution for the United States
  • ​B Written by Second Continental Congress
  • C ​Weak limited Government

Articles of Confederation