13 Individual Rights

  • A Personal liberties and privileges
  • B ​Rights that you are born with

14 Examples

  • A Bill of Rights
  • B Freedom of speech
  • C Right to bear arms
  • ​D Protection against unreasonable search and seizure

11 Limited Government

  • A Everyone has to follow the same laws even members of the government
  • ​B No one is above the law
  • ​C Limiting the power of the government over the people

12 Examples

  • A If a congressman gets pulled over for speeding they should get a ticket like everyone else

9 Checks and Balances

  • A Each branch of government has a way to check the power of the other two in order to keep the power balanced

10 Examples

  • A Legislative Checks: Have to approve of Executive branch appointments
  • B Executive Check: Can veto a law
  • ​C Judicial Branch: Can declare a law unconstitutional (Judicial Review)

7 Separation of Power

  • A Power is divided into three branches of government
  • B So no one person or group has too much control 

8 Examples

  • A Legislative Branch: Makes Law
  • B Executive Branch: Enforces Law
  • C Judicial Branch: hears cases on the laws (Interprets the law)

6 Examples

  • A Enumerated Powers
  •      1 Powers held by the                         national government
  • B C​oncurrent Powers
  • ​     1Powers help by both the              National and State                          governments
  • C Reserved Powers
  •     1 Powers left to the States

5 Federalism

  • ​A How power is shared between the local, State, and the National (Federal) government
  • B ​Both can pass and enforce laws

4 Examples

  • A Elect Congressmen
  • B ​Elect Senators

3 Republicanism

  • A ​Citizens elect representatives that go to Washington and vote for them
  • B We are a Republic NOT a democracy (everyone can't vote for everything)

2 Examples

  • ​A The people vote on issues
  • B People run for government offices
  • C ​You can support campaigns
  • D ​You can protest

1 Popular Sovereignty 

  • ​A Power comes from the people
  • ​B The government gets its power from the people
  • C ​The people are the government

Seven Principles of the Constitution

To Know Who You Are and who you want to be