6 Monroe Doctrine

  • A Speech made to Congress in 1823
  • B Warns European countries that further Colonization of the Americas will not be tolerated
  • ​C America looks tough, nobody seriously challenges it

5 Monroe

  • A Last of Revolutionary War Era Presidents
  • B Buys Florida from Spain

4 Effects of the War

  • A Increased National Pride
  • B Feel like they won the war, with no outside help
  • C Became more self sufficient
  • D Manufactured more of their own stuff
  • ​E America becomes a stable world power

3 Battle of New Orleans

  • A Led by Andrew Jackson
  • B Major American victory
  • C Last battle
  • ​D Treaty of Ghent
  • ​E England kept Canada (all they really wanted)

2 Fighting the War of 1812

  • ​A England Dominates the war when they show up
  • B Burn DC to the ground (well a lot of it)
  • C Dolly Madison saves portrait of George Washington
  • D England gets tired of whooping us and fighting wars so they go home. after proving their point.

1 Causes of the War of 1812

  • ​A Impressment of 6,000 American sailors
  • ​B English support of the Natives
  • C War Hawks want to go to war

Madison and Monroe

(War of 1812 and Monroe Doctrine)

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