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10 Amendment 10 

  • A Powers left to the States
  • B Any powers not given to the National government by the constitution are left to the states

What do you think?

The man in this video below is a writer for Mad magazine.  he is commenting on Freedom of the Press and the Terror attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo because they published vulgar cartoons about the prophet Mohammed

Some 9th amendment rights that have been argued are the right to vote, privacy, to die and other healthcare rights 

Speaking of Cruel punishment, if you have a sapare 4.5 hours and want to hear an amazing story that includes a brutal execution, check out the story of the Anabaptist Revolution in Munster Germany and the execution of Jan Van Leiden.

9 Amendment 9 

  • A Rights not listed
  • ​B Just because a right is not listed doesn't mean it isn't protected

8 Amendment 8 

  • A Limits of Punishments
  • B Protection against cruel and unusual punishment
  • C No excessive bail or fines
  • ​D Death Penalty upheld by courts

7 Amendment 7 

  • A Right to a jury trial in civil (not criminal) cases

6 Amendment 6 

  • A Right to a trial that: is by jury, public and timely, in the place where the crime occurred
  • B Right to know who is accusing you
  • C Right to defend yourself
  • D ​Right to an attorney

What would you have done?

5 Amendment 5 

  • A Rights of the accused or Due Process
  • B ​Gov must follow procedures when charging people with a crime to ensure justice
  • C Can't be forced to testify against yourself
  • ​D Can't be charged twice for the same crime

4 Amendment 4 

  • A Protects you against unreasonable search and seizure
  • B in order to search you, your vehicle, your residence, or your belongings;  
  • C The government must obtain permission from a judge after proving just cause
  • D Exception reasonable suspicion and immediate danger

3 Amendment 3 

  • A You cannot be forced to keep soldiers in your home during times of peace
  • B or during war without laws passed by congress directing it.
  • C Lexington and Concord; The British trying to take away the colonists guns because they feared they couldn't control the colonists if they were armed

2 Amendment 2 

The Right to own and carry guns

  • A Not written to protect hunting or shooting sports
  • B Intended to maintain an armed citizenry that can stand up to protect itself from anyone even their own government if necessary
  • G Freedom of Assembly
  • ​H Freedom of Petition
  • F Freedom of the Press
  • ​     i The government cannot censor the news or force news media to lie
  • E ​Freedom of Speech
  • ​     i Unless the words are: Defaming, Obscene, or criminal

1 Amendment 1 

Religious and Political Freedoms

  • A Freedom of Religion
  • B The Government cannot force you to practice a certain religion.  You are free to practice what ever religion you wish.
  • C This is NOT a freedom FROM religion.
  • D There is nothing in the Constitution that establishes a Separation of Church and State

The Bill of Rights