To Know Who You Are and who you want to be

11 America Outraged

  • A Don't trust Federalists
  • B Kicking out citizens
  • C Silencing descent
  • D Showing their true colors?  Wannabe Royals
  • ​E Republicans will destroy them in next several elections

10 Sedition Act

  • A Aimed at Federalist critics
  • B Outlawed criticism of the government

9 Alien Act

  • A Federalists targeting French immigrants
  • ​B Allowed the government to deport any unwanted legal immigrants

  • E France apologizes, says those other guys X, Y, and Z were impostors
  • F Peaceful resolution reached
  • ​G Federalists look like strong leaders

8 XYZ Affair

  • A French foreign ministers demand a bribe
  • ​B America refuses to pay tribute (bribe)
  • C America prepares for war
  • D Adams sends more ambassadors

7 Adams Presidency

  • A 2nd President
  • ​B Adams and Federalists increase cooperation with England
  • ​C This angers France they start to seize American ships
  • D Adams sends ambassadors

6 Republican Supporters

  • A ​Southerners
  • B Farmers
  • C The Common Man

3 Federalist Supporters

  • A Northerners
  • B Upper class
  • C Rich and powerful
  • D ​Business owners

5 Republican Ideas

  • ​A Strong State Government
  • B Farming Economy
  • C Strict interpretation of the Constitution (Anti-National Bank)
  • D France most important ally

4 Republican Leaders

  • A Thomas Jefferson and James Madison

2 Federalist Ideas

  • ​A Strong National Government
  • B Manufacturing Economy
  • C Loose interpretation of the Constitution (Pro-National Bank)
  • ​D England most important ally

1 Federalist Leaders

  • A ​Alexander Hamilton and John Adams

Political Parties

and John Adams