4 New Government

  • A ​Elections held fall of 1788
  • B Winners take office January 1789
  • C ​1790 13th and final state ratifies the constitution

3 Ratification

  • ​A Ratify = Officially approve
  • B By June 1788, 9 states ratify
  • ​C Hold outs want Bill of Rights
  • D ​Federalists give in Bill of Rights committed to
  • C Favored stronger State Governments
  • D Did not want or trust a President
  • ​E Wanted guaranteed rights (Bill of Rights)

2 Anti-Federalists

  • A ​Opposed ratification of the new constitution
  • ​B Led by George Mason, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry
  • C Wanted a stronger Federal Government
  • D Favored a President
  • E ​Published Federalist Papers to convince Americans

1 Federalists

  • ​A Supported ratification of the new constitution
  • ​B Led by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison


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