6 Presidios

  • ​A Spanish military forts
  • ​B Protected Spanish colonists

Would you have enjoyed life in a Spanish Mission?

  • ​C Many Texas cities such as El Paso and San Antonio reflect the cultural legacy of Spain
  • D The Spanish founded San Antonio in 1718

8 Damian Massanet and Alonso De Leon Expedition

  • ​A 1690
  • B Spanish expedition in to East Texas to claim land before the French could

12 Meanwhile in America English Colonies

  • ​A Three sections of colonies all develop differently due to their geography

Which do you think was the most important part of a mission?

  • B New England Colonies
    • Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut
    • Rocky soil and long harsh winters make farming difficult
    • Lumber, fishing and shipbuilding are main industries

3 Parts of Mission

  • ​A Church - Daily prayers and mass
  • B Convento - Homes of priests and monks, very small and simple as they had few possessions
  • C Soldiers Barracks - Homes for soldiers and their families
  • D Cemetery - dead buried here
  • E Garden - Grow food for mission and presidio
  • F Granary - Store crops
  • G Workshop - Build goods for mission and presidio
  • ​H Indian Quarters - Homes of the Natives living in the mission

  • D While the French are loading captured chickens on to a horse the chickens freak out, causing the horse to freak out, and sending the French leader crashing to the ground

11 Chicken War

  • ​A As a result of the loss in the Chicken War, Spain abandoned it's missions in East Texas

2 Missions

  • ​A Built to establish a claim to the land in Texas
  • B Native Texan Tribes viewed the construction of missions with suspicion
  • ​D Southern Colonies
    • ​Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Carolina
    • Long growing season, rich fertile soil, plenty of rain
    • Plantation farms grew cash crops with slave labor
  • ​C Middle Colonies
    • ​New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware
    • Mostly trading, some farming some industry
    • Grew grains, known as BreadBasket Colonies
  • ​C Mission San Juan Capistrano
    • ​​1 1716
    • ​2 East Texas
    • 3 Nacogdoches area
    • 4 1731 moved to SA

Why would Natives not trust the Spanish and their missions?

  • ​B Mission San Jose
    • ​​1 1720
    • ​2 San Antonio
    • 3 First Mission built in SA

Spanish Colonization 

1 Spain Claims Texas

  • ​A Spain Establishes Missions and Presidios across Texas to prevent the French from claiming the land
  • B Spain made a big move when they built a huge presidio on the site of LaSalle's Fort St. Louis
  • ​C Alonso de Leon builds that presidio on the same site to send a message to the French

To Know Who You Are and who you want to be

  • D Missions adapted to the environment of Texas by farming the land and storing grains
  • E East Texas Missions were made from the trees of the East Texas Forests
  • F Missions also ran cattle ranching operations especially in South Texas, this was the most economically important industry to MIssions 
  • G A vaquero is a Spanish cowboy or ranch hand who worked on Spanish cattle ranches

What message do you think Spain was trying to send to France? 

  • ​D Mission Concepcion
    • ​​1 1716
    • ​2 East Texas
    • 3 Nacogdoches area
    • 4 1731 moved to SA

9 Francisco Hidalgo

  • ​A Cooperated with French Authorities in Louisiana to build missions in East Texas

4 Daily Routine in a Mission

  • ​A Mornings always started with prayer in the Church
  • B Most of the day was spent working in the Gardens or
  • C Workshop, which included training on the machines in the workshop
  • C Missions
    • 1 (GOD) Spread Christianity
    • 2 Convert natives to Christianity
    • 3 ​Used Natives as a labor force to build supplies for the missions and presidios
    • 4 Also change the Natives culturally; to adopt political, social, and economic customs of the Spanish
  • ​D Natives also spent time in class learning to speak Spanish
  • E They attended church services to learn Catholic Doctrine and traditions
  • ​F If they failed to stick to these routines they would be punished

  • E During that commotion the Spanish escape and run to the nearest Spanish settlement
  • F Where they report that the French are invading Texas
  • ​G Spain retreats from East Texas in fear
  • H The French never invaded East Texas

5 Texas Missions

  • ​A Mission Corpus Christi
    • 1 ​​1682
    • 2 El Paso
    • ​3 One of the earliest missions in Texas
  • ​E Mission San Francisco de los Tejas
    • ​​1 1690
    • ​2 East Texas
    • 3 Nacogdoches area
    • 4 1731 moved to SA
    • ​5 Renamed Mission Espada

It was the same Spaniards and Missions in California as in Texas.

10 Jose de Escandon

  • ​A Spanish military commander
  • ​Led Spain's efforts in South Texas
  • ​Sent settlers to the land between the Rio Grande and the Nueces Rivers

7 Towns, Presidios, and Missions, Oh My!

  • ​A Towns in Spanish Texas usually developed near missions and Presidios
  • ​B Missions and Presidios were often built near rivers
  • B French roll up in to an East Texas mission

  • C Not enough people there to defend it, French take it with ease