6 Presidios

  • ​A Spanish military forts
  • ​B Protected Spanish colonists

Would you have enjoyed life in a Spanish Mission?

11 Chicken War

  • ​A As a result of the loss in the Chicken War, Spain abandoned it's missions in East Texas

2 Missions

  • ​A Built to establish a claim to the land in Texas
  • B Native Texan Tribes viewed the construction of missions with suspicion
  • ​D Southern Colonies
    • ​Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Carolina
    • Long growing season, rich fertile soil, plenty of rain
    • Plantation farms grew cash crops with slave labor
  • ​C Many Texas cities such as El Paso and San Antonio reflect the cultural legacy of Spain
  • D The Spanish founded San Antonio in 1718

  • E During that commotion the Spanish escape and run to the nearest Spanish settlement
  • F Where they report that the French are invading Texas
  • ​G Spain retreats from East Texas in fear
  • H The French never invaded East Texas

5 Texas Missions

  • ​A Mission Corpus Christi
    • 1 ​​1682
    • 2 El Paso
    • ​3 One of the earliest missions in Texas
  • ​D Mission Concepcion
    • ​​1 1716
    • ​2 East Texas
    • 3 Nacogdoches area
    • 4 1731 moved to SA

9 Francisco Hidalgo

  • ​A Cooperated with French Authorities in Louisiana to build missions in East Texas

8 Damian Massanet and Alonso De Leon Expedition

  • ​A 1690
  • B Spanish expedition in to East Texas to claim land before the French could

12 Meanwhile in America English Colonies

  • ​A Three sections of colonies all develop differently due to their geography
  • ​C Middle Colonies
    • ​New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware
    • Mostly trading, some farming some industry
    • Grew grains, known as BreadBasket Colonies
  • ​C Mission San Juan Capistrano
    • ​​1 1716
    • ​2 East Texas
    • 3 Nacogdoches area
    • 4 1731 moved to SA
  • ​E Mission San Francisco de los Tejas
    • ​​1 1690
    • ​2 East Texas
    • 3 Nacogdoches area
    • 4 1731 moved to SA
    • ​5 Renamed Mission Espada

Why would Natives not trust the Spanish and their missions?

It was the same Spaniards and Missions in California as in Texas.

Which do you think was the most important part of a mission?

  • B New England Colonies
    • Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut
    • Rocky soil and long harsh winters make farming difficult
    • Lumber, fishing and shipbuilding are main industries
  • ​B Mission San Jose
    • ​​1 1720
    • ​2 San Antonio
    • 3 First Mission built in SA

4 Daily Routine in a Mission

  • ​A Mornings always started with prayer in the Church
  • B Most of the day was spent working in the Gardens or
  • C Workshop, which included training on the machines in the workshop
  • C Missions
    • 1 (GOD) Spread Christianity
    • 2 Convert natives to Christianity
    • 3 ​Used Natives as a labor force to build supplies for the missions and presidios
    • 4 Also change the Natives culturally; to adopt political, social, and economic customs of the Spanish

10 Jose de Escandon

  • ​A Spanish military commander
  • ​Led Spain's efforts in South Texas
  • ​Sent settlers to the land between the Rio Grande and the Nueces Rivers

Spanish Colonization 

  • ​D Natives also spent time in class learning to speak Spanish
  • E They attended church services to learn Catholic Doctrine and traditions
  • ​F If they failed to stick to these routines they would be punished

7 Towns, Presidios, and Missions, Oh My!

  • ​A Towns in Spanish Texas usually developed near missions and Presidios
  • ​B Missions and Presidios were often built near rivers

3 Parts of Mission

  • ​A Church - Daily prayers and mass
  • B Convento - Homes of priests and monks, very small and simple as they had few possessions
  • C Soldiers Barracks - Homes for soldiers and their families
  • D Cemetery - dead buried here
  • E Garden - Grow food for mission and presidio

1 Spain Claims Texas

  • ​A Spain Establishes Missions and Presidios across Texas to prevent the French from claiming the land
  • B Spain made a big move when they built a huge presidio on the site of LaSalle's Fort St. Louis
  • ​C Alonso de Leon builds that presidio on the same site to send a message to the French
  • F Granary - Store crops
  • G Workshop - Build goods for mission and presidio
  • ​H Indian Quarters - Homes of the Natives living in the mission
  • B French roll up in to an East Texas mission

  • C Not enough people there to defend it, French take it with ease

  • D While the French are loading captured chickens on to a horse the chickens freak out, causing the horse to freak out, and sending the French leader crashing to the ground
  • D Missions adapted to the environment of Texas by farming the land and storing grains
  • E East Texas Missions were made from the trees of the East Texas Forests
  • F Missions also ran cattle ranching operations especially in South Texas, this was the most economically important industry to MIssions 
  • G A vaquero is a Spanish cowboy or ranch hand who worked on Spanish cattle ranches

What message do you think Spain was trying to send to France? 

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