World War 1

  • D Increases in population also led to increases in pollution and illness
    • ​1 Pollution came not only from factories but from all of the homes in which people burned wood and coal for everything
      • ​a steam powered factory machines
      • b heating homes
      • c cooking food
    • 2 Smoke poured from every building in a city
    • 3 People working in close quarters in factories easily spread diseases to each other, just like the flu spreads through our school

8 U.S. Joins WWI

  • ​A Germany was attacking American civilian ships
    • ​1 Lusitania British Ocean Liner sailing from New York to Liverpool England, Many Americans on board
    • ​2 Torpedoed and sunk by German U-Boat
  • ​B Zimmerman Telegram
    • ​​1 Germany tried to talk Mexico into joining the war and attacking the U.S.

4 Oil Boom

  • ​A The first successful oil well in Texas was struck in 1901 at a place called Spindletop
  • B The Age of oil in Texas led to the growth of urban areas

9 Texas during WWI

  • ​A Camp Bowie
    • ​1 Built in 1917 near Fort Worth
    • ​2 Training base for army soldiers
    • 3 Camp Bowie Road and the Camp Bowie district are a neighborhood in Fort Worth today

To Know Who You Are and who you want to be

10 Social Reform Movements

  • ​A Prohibition
    • ​​1 Lasted from 1920 -1933
    • 2 Outlawed the production, sale, and distribution of alcohol
  • C Boom towns sprang up all over Texas after the discovery of oil
  • D Oil boom towns disappeared as fast as they popped up in a cycle known as Boom and Bust

7 World War I Begins

  • ​A Began in 1914
  • ​B In Sarajevo Bosnia, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and his wife Sophie were assassinated
  • C Killed by Serbians angry about territory that was taken
  • ​D Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia, everybody jumps in and takes sides

Industrialization, Oil, Social Reform, and WWI

3 Hurricane 1900

  • ​A Nature had a devastating impact on Texas during this era
  • B In the year 1900 before, long before sophisticate weather prediction and observation technology, a massive hurricane snuck up on and devastated Galveston Island
  • C Populist Movement
    • ​​1 The populist movement was organized to address reforms needed to protect agricultural workers
    • ​2 Farmers were suffering from crop failures, falling prices, poor marketing, and lack of loans
    • 3 James Hogg became governor of Texas with the support of populist groups like the Texas Farmers Union, Farmers Alliance, and The Grange
  • B Kelly Field
    • ​​1 Established in 1917 near San Antonio
    • 2 Training base for pilots
  • C During WWI many Texas women entered the workforce to replace men who had gone off to fight in the war

  • C After the Hurricane of 1900 many businesses relocated to Houston instead of rebuilding in Galveston
  • ​D In 1903 Galveston began the construction of a sea wall to protect the island from storm surge
  • E The urbanization of Texas resulted in an increase of jobs in the service related fields
    • ​1 As businesses grew and people more people got jobs they had money to spend
    • 2 More opportunities for service industry jobs like cooks, servers, store clerks, and more became available in cites
  • F The population of Texas, especially the city of Austin increased significantly in the 1900's

5 Oil Regulation

  • ​A The Texas Railroad Commission which was created under Governor James Hogg, Regulated and controlled oil prices

Modernizing Texas

  • B Women's Suffrage
    • ​​1 The primary goal of the Texas Equal Suffrage Association was to win ratification of the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution
    • 2 Women's suffrage, the 19th amendment was introduced in  1919
    • 3 The Suffrage Movement sought to establish the right to vote for women in the United States
  • C One result of Industrialization was that the population of cities expanded
    • 1 People left farms to get jobs in factories
    • 2 Cities became  crowded with all of these new residents
    • 3 Tenant houses, apartment buildings, were built to house more people
  • D League of United Latin American Citizens
    • ​​1 The goal of the League of United Latin American Citizens was to support the rights of Spanish speaking people

2 Inventors and Inventions

  • ​A Samuel Slater brings the water powered factory to America from England
  • ​B Eli Whitney creator of the cotton gin also developed the idea of interchangeable parts
    • ​1 interchangeable parts is a big step that leads to mass production and factories
  • ​C John Deere invents the steel plow to help farmers prepare soil for planting
  • ​D Cyrus McCormick invents the mechanical reaper to help harvest crops
  • ​E The steam powered tractor led to crops being produced in greater amounts eventually supplying more than was demanded causing a drop in prices

1 Industrialization

  • ​A Industrialization started in Europe and spread to the United States
  • ​B Industrialization is a shift in economics and lifestyle from farming to factories

6 Oil in Texas

  • ​A Oil and natural gas deposits can be found in all four regions of Texas
  • ​BTechnological innovation helped to expand the oil industry in Texas
  • C Howard Hughes, owner of Hughes Tool Company, made a huge contribution to the Texas oil industry when he created the "Sharp -Hughes" a special rotary tri-cone rock drill bit that was used in the Texas Oil Boom