COMPROMISE: Each side gives up something to try and make the other side happy

Have you ever worked out a compromise agreement with someone?  Maybe with your parents over a punishment? Or your friends when getting food?

Does a compromise make everyone happy or just tick everyone off a little less?


5 Wilmot Proviso

  • A Tried to stop spread of slavery
  • B A bill (proposed law) that would make slavery illegal in western states and territories

4 Missouri Compromise

  • A 1820
  • B Henry Clay
  • ​C Missouri Slave State
  • ​D Maine Free State
  • E Kept balance equal
  • ​F 36 degrees 30 minutes North Latitude
  • ​G First action by congress concerning slavery

The Road to the Civil War

To Know Who You Are and who you want to be

Lincoln-Douglas Debates were from 1858 Illinois Senate race but issues are the same.

WOW.... What was this incredibly racist political add saying?

10 Harpers Ferry

  • A Planned slave uprising organized by John Brown
  • B Failed but violently brought the struggle against slavery to the public eye
  • C John Brown charged with Treason for attacking federal armory
  • D Found guilty and executed
  • E Becomes a martyr to the North and Abolitionists everywhere
  • F War is inevitable

9 Dred Scott v Sanford

  • A At one point Dred Scott (slave) was taken to Illinois by his owner
  • B Illinois is a free state, so Dred Scott argues that since he went to a free state he should have been set free
  • C Supreme Court says: You are someone's property not  a person you have no right to come before us and argue your case
  • D Slaves are property and not citizens
  • E Supreme Court also says: Slavery is a State issue not our bidniss

7 Views on Compromise​

  • A Abraham Lincoln
    • "​A house divided against itself cannot stand...  It will become all one thing or all the other thing"
  • ​B Joseph Underwood about Henry Clay
    • ​​"He has been the great compromiser of those political agitations that would endanger our Union"

3 South

  • A Believed slavery was an economic issue
  • ​B Farming economy
  • C Anti-Tariff
  • ​D Pro-State's Rights

2 West

  • A What to do out west?
  • ​B Slavery or not?
  • ​C Like the North or the South?
  • ​G ​​in his 1st inaugural address Lincoln says "I have no purpose... to interfere with the institution of slavery where it exists"
  • D Lincoln Wins the election
  • E 7 Southern States secede and form the Confederate States of America
  • F Before Lincoln even inaugurated
  • B Republicans run Abraham Lincoln in opposition of the spread of slavery
  • C ​Democrats split between two candidates 
    • ​1 Stephen Douglas (North)
    • ​2 John Breckenridge (South)

11 Election of 1860

  • A Slavery is the main issue

Col Robert E Lee

​United States Marines

8 Kansas - Nebraska Act

  • A Allowed settlers of those territories to vote on whether or not they wanted to be slave or free states
  • B Thousands of people from the North and the South moved to these territories to vote
  • C Including John Brown
  • ​D These folks take it to the streets and fight it out
  • ​E Becomes known as Bleeding Kansas
  • F After this mess ​Republican Party formed to stop spread of slavery

Does Lincoln think compromises will work?

6 Compromise of 1850

  • ACalifornia becomes a state, Free (No slavery)
  • B Maintains balance after Texas a slave state was added
  • C Fugitive Slave law adopted and enforced
  • D Slave TRADE not slavery banned
  • ​E New States in South West would vote on slavery
  • ​F throws out MO Compromise

1 North

  • A Believed slavery was a moral issue
  • B Industrialized economy
  • C Pro-Tariff
  • D Pro-National Government