To Know Who You Are and who you want to be

William Bradford

  • Leader of the Pilgrims​

Behind the gate pictured below is the upper half of “The Plymouth Rock”.  It has been moved dropped and chipped away at for souvenirs since 1774. In the year 1880 the date “1620” was carved into it.

V Plymouth, MA

  • A1620 Pilgrims arrive on Mayflower
  • B Seeking religious freedom
  • C Headed to New York but don't make it
  • ​​​D Had a tough start arrived in winter
  • E got help growing crops from natives Squanto
  • F ​Mayflower Compact 1620, Self Government

IV Jamestown Slavery

  • A 1619 first African slaves arrive​ brought in to grow tobacco

III John Smith

  • A Captain John Smith takes control of the colony and turns it around
  • B Pocahontas helps
  • ​C Make money growing and selling tobacco
  • ​D By 1615 Population grows to 500

II Jamestown, VA

  • ​A Established 1607
  • ​B First permanent English settlement
  • ​C Nearly failed due to swampy land that limited farming and fresh drinking water, ​and was filled with disease and dangerous animals
  • ​D After a year only 38 of the original 120 settlers were alive

I Lost Colony of Roanoke

  • ​A 1st attempt in 1585: within a year most are dead and survivors returned to England
  • B ​2nd attempt 1587: Does better but mysteriously disappears while their leader John White returns to England for supplies
  • ​C Returned to find abandoned settlement no sure evidence of what happened

Early English Settlements