To Know Who You Are and who you want to be

Uploads allows you to upload your own photos to use in your creations

Once you choose a type of graphic to create you will get to pick from many different design templates

From the main menu choose a graphic type that you need to create

There are tons more options after you click on "More"

After you pick a template you will be able to start editing it to change it over to your own information

You can create various sized invitations and cards

Social Media graphics are automatically formatted to the correct size for the intended application

Flyers, Business Cards, and Menus all could have interesting uses in lessons

For my history class it would be neat to have the kids make a business card as a member of the Sons of Liberty.

You could make a menu of different activity choices for a lesson.

When you mouse over the graphic types it will tell you the size of each one

You can change the background color to many different solid colors, patterns, or photos

Infographics are fantastic resources that you can create for your students.  They would make great review sheets.  If you are a blogger or a Kindle book author you can create your needed graphics. is a web based software that helps you to create graphics, logos, posters, presentations, and more 

You can add or replace the text on your template from the many choices 

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