To Know Who You Are and who you want to be

8 Acceptance

  • A September 1787 Constitution finished
  • B Sent out to the states for ratification
  • C 9/13 had to ratify it to start using it
  • D James Madison Father of the Constitution
  • ​     1 He organized the convention
  • ​     2 He wrote the Virginia Plan

7 The Three Fifths Compromise

  • A Only 60% of total slaves would be counted toward the population
  • B For Taxes and Representation

6 Slavery

  • A New Constitution did not end slavery
  • B Proposed to end transatlantic slave trade in 1808

5 Great Compromise

  • A Add a second group of law makers where representation is equal
  • B Any new laws have to pass both parts
  • C Gives Small states some control
  • D House of Representatives Based on population
  • E Senate Representation equal every state gets two votes

4 Constitution takes shape

  • A Virginia Plan accepted as basic framework
  • B 3 Branches of Government was a winner
  • ​C Small states not happy about representation

3 New Jersey Plan

  • A Very Similar to AoC
  • B Favored by small states (can't get out voted)
  • C 1 Branch Legislature
  • D Representation EQUAL

2 Virginia Plan

  • A Favored by large Population states (They get more votes)
  • B 3 Branches of Government
  •      1 Legislature (law makers)
  •      2 Executive (President)
  • ​     3 Judicial (Courts)
  • C Bicameral 2 house legislature
  • D Representation based on POPULATION
  • J Many states proposed plans
  • K Two most popular were the Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan
  • E They agreed to meet in secret
  • F Changes they were making could be seen as treason 
  • G 55 Delegates
  • H Organized by James Madison
  • I George Washington leader of the convention

1 Constitutional Convention

  • A​ Independence Hall Philadelphia PA
  • B Delegates met to fix the Articles of Confederation
  • ​C 12/13 states show up not Rhode Island
  • D With out all 13 states according to the AoC they can't make changes

Constitutional Convention