To Know Who You Are and who you want to be

8 Captain Sir John Hawkins

  • A Reported to England about the opportunities and efforts of Spain to find wealth in the area that included Texas.
  • B His ship was the first British ship to bring slaves to the Americas "The Good Ship Jesus"

Have you ever been the first person to do or accomplish anything?

How is the equipment of Spanish Conquistadors similar to today's moedrn soldiers?  How is it different?

Have you experienced any French culture in Texas?

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to be rescued?

3 Spanish Explorers

  • A Conquistadors - Spanish soldiers who conquered the New World
  • ​B Spain mainly there for GOLD
  • C Spain brutally dominated the South and Central America
  • D Wipe out 98% of Natives

2 God Gold and Glory

  • A Motivations for European Exploration
  • B God - Spanish want to spread Christianity
  • C Gold - Not just gold but anything of value, Food, Furs, even people (slaves)
  • D Glory - Fame, recognition, and importance
  • E During this AGE OF CONTACT both Spanish and French explorers claimed land in Texas

7 La Salle

  • A French explorer
  • B Was searching for the Mississippi River
  • C Ended up in Matagorda Bay
  • D Sailed up Lavaca River
  • E 1685 Established Fort St. Louis
  • F Traded and interacted peacefully with most Natives
  • G Eventually all died from disease or killed by Karankawa natives​

5 Cabeza de Vaca

  • A Searching for legendary city of El Dorado (city of gold)
  • B Shipwrecked near Galveston island
  • C He was rescued by the Karankawa natives
  • D Returns to Spain and reports about Texas in 1538

6 Coronado

  • A Searched For Cibola from Mexico City north through New Mexico, Texas and Kansas
  • B Cibola - The Seven Cities of Gold, reported to have been seen by a Friar, finding it and it's riches drove Spanish Explorers
  • C Coronado killed many natives when they refused to convert to Christianity

Exploration and Colonization

4 Alonso Alvarez de Pineda

  • A 1519 his expedition sailed around the Gulf of Mexico mapping the coastline, including Texas

9 Meanwhile in America

  • A Jamestown, First permanent English settlement in the North America
  • B Established in 1607 in what is now Virginia
  • C Settlers were searching for Gold but found none
  • D Eventually began to grow tobacco and sell it to become successful under the leadership of Captain John Smith.
  • E This was NOT in Texas

How do each of the 3 G's motivate the decisions you make in your life?

1 Columbus

  • A Not the first European to arrive in the New World​
  • B First guy to travel several times to the New World AND make others aware of it.
  • C He makes it cool to go to the New World.

Could you draw a map of the Gulf Coast with, no GPS, no sattelite, no computer, no Google maps, only paper pencil and a compass?