1 Columbus

  • A Not the first European to arrive in the New World​
  • B First guy to travel several times to the New World AND make others aware of it.
  • C He makes it cool to go to the New World.

Could you draw a map of the Gulf Coast with, no GPS, no sattelite, no computer, no Google maps, only paper pencil and a compass?

How is the equipment of Spanish Conquistadors similar to today's moedrn soldiers?  How is it different?

9 Meanwhile in America

  • A Jamestown, First permanent English settlement in the North America
  • B Established in 1607 in what is now Virginia
  • C Settlers were searching for Gold but found none
  • D Eventually began to grow tobacco and sell it to become successful under the leadership of Captain John Smith.
  • E This was NOT in Texas

How do each of the 3 G's motivate the decisions you make in your life?

To Know Who You Are and who you want to be

8 Captain Sir John Hawkins

  • A Reported to England about the opportunities and efforts of Spain to find wealth in the area that included Texas.
  • B His ship was the first British ship to bring slaves to the Americas "The Good Ship Jesus"

3 Spanish Explorers

  • A Conquistadors - Spanish soldiers who conquered the New World
  • ​Spain mainly there for GOLD
  • B Spain brutally dominated the South and Central America
  • C Wipe out 98% of Natives

4 Alonso Alvarez de Pineda

  • A 1519 his expedition sailed around the Gulf of Mexico mapping the coastline, including Texas

2 God Gold and Glory

  • A Motivations for European Exploration
  • B God - Spanish want to spread Christianity
  • C Gold - Not just gold but anything of value, Food, Furs, even people (slaves)
  • D Glory - Fame, recognition, and importance
  • During this AGE OF CONTACT both Spanish and French explorers claimed land in Texas

5 Cabeza de Vaca

  • A Searching for legendary city of El Dorado (city of gold)
  • B Shipwrecked near Galveston island
  • C He was rescued by the Karankawa natives
  • D Returns to Spain and reports about Texas in 1538

6 Coronado

  • A Searched For Cibola from Mexico City north through New Mexico, Texas and Kansas
  • B Cibola - The Seven Cities of Gold, reported to have been seen by a Friar, finding it and it's riches drove Spanish Explorers
  • C Coronado killed many natives when they refused to convert to Christianity

Have you experienced any French culture in Texas?

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to be rescued?

Have you ever been the first person to do or accomplish anything?

Exploration and Colonization

7 La Salle

  • A French explorer
  • B Was searching for the Mississippi River
  • C Ended up in Matagorda Bay
  • D Sailed up Lavaca River
  • E 1685 Established Fort St. Louis
  • F Traded and interacted peacefully with most Natives
  • G Eventually all died from disease or killed by Karankawa natives​