To Know Who You Are and who you want to be


  • Be seated and ready when the bell rings.  
  • Have your notebook and something to write with
  • ​When I'm talking YOU ARE NOT (Most important thing)
  • ​Have a sense of humor

Texas History

  • Geography and early Natives through modern times

Behavior Log

Details your unacceptable behavior

Details my efforts to "help you"

Sent to parent and principal when updated

​Principals love it

What We Do


Unit preview

Notes (Probably fill in the blank)

Quizes open notebook

Tests 1/2 multiple choice 1/2 essay

Projects usually in class only

Be the Little Engine That could

and you will get there eventually

No matter what Charlie throws at you


Mr. Brown

Room 405

@MrBrownRCMS for all your twittygramfaces

What do you think those mean?

Never Give up even if you think you hit game over

Just keep watching, I promise it isn't as morbid as you think it is.

The Class Rule


Respect People

Respect Property

Respect the Learning Environment

Test Retakes

Before or After School

Please retake any test you fail

Come to tutoring ONE time to review what you didn't know

Come to advisory a SECOND time to actually retake the test

Don't be a jerk.  I'll handle that if it is nececssary

In Texas it is lawful for the Principal to whoop your tail.  Your parents have to sign a form saying they don't want you whooped as opposed to giving permission.

I will never ask you to do something you aren't capable of doing

Never say “I can’t”
Always work your butt off
Always do your best




Your Brain (don't be a dummy)

Have a sense of humor

I have gotten much better but I can still relapse into being very sarcastic

Don't be sensitive and get your feelings hurt easy.


Folder (3 Prong with pockets)

Something to write with

Colored pencils or markers



Tutoring Times

  • Most days there will be someone available before or after school
  • Monday after school 
  • Any other time just let me know

Don't be scared to TRY

Don't be scared to fail

First Attempt In Learning

Most importantly remember don't ever touch my stuff!

Course Information