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19 Battle of San Jacinto

  • ​A The war ended as quickly as it had begun at the Battle of San Jacinto On April 21st 1836
  • B Sam Houston and his army managed to trap and surround the Mexican army led by Santa Anna while they were resting and hiding on an island like area of land
  • C Austin gets tired of waiting and writes a letter back to Texas in which he instructs them to prepare to create their own independent Mexican state

14 The Grass Fight

  • ​A Texans attacked a Mexican army mule train that they suspected was carrying silver to pay soldiers
  • ​B Texans swarmed the Mexican soldiers and captured all the mules
  • C They dug in to the mules pouches to collect their reward but all the mules were carrying was grass to feed the horses of the Mexican army
  • ​H On May 14 1836 Santa Anna signs the Treaty of Velasco
  • I The treaty required Mexico to recognize Texas Independence and withdraw south of the Rio Grande 
  • ​​B Some settlers wanted to declare independence while others wanted to fight Santa Anna and support the Constitution of 1824
  • ​C They vote against Independence
  • ​​I The Mexicans attacked the Alamo at the break of dawn on March the 6th 1836
  • J Within 90 minutes the Alamo defenders were slaughtered
  • K Santa Anna sent the surviving women and children out of the Alamo with the message "Santa Anna is coming"
  • ​L The bodies of the Alamo defenders were piled up and burnt
  • E Mexican officials intercept the Letter Austin wrote home to Texas 
  • F They flip out, consider it treason and have Austin arrested
  • G Austin was held in prison for over a year and never charged 
  • ​​D Santa Anna surrounds the Alamo with anywhere from 2-6 thousand soldiers and lays siege to the Texans for 13 days
  • E Santa Anna flew a red flag at the Alamo indicating that no mercy would be given, he was there for blood

15 The Consultation of 1835

  • ​A Representative from across Texas met at Washington on the Brazos for a meeting known as the Consultation (First one) in November 1835
  • ​C Texans supported Santa Anna's rise to power because he pledged to support the Constitution of 1824
  • ​D When he became the leader of Mexico he too became a centralist dictator
  • C They were led by Stephen Austin
    The delegates pledged their support to the true Mexican government under the Constitution of 1824

Was hayden Edwards right or wrong to do what he did?

When have you heard someone talk about States' Rights?

13 Army of the People

  • ​A Stephen F Austin, angry about being imprisoned, had given up on remaining loyal to the current Mexican Government
  • ​B He built an army and attacked San Antonio and won
  • C Sam Houston also gathered up forces and began training men to be soldiers and fight against Santa Anna
  • C Santa Anna ordered that the men be executed and not held as prisoners
  • D Urrea's men marched the Texans out of their prison in Goliad Texas and gunned them all down then piled up their bodies and burned them
  • E Most battles of the Texas Revolution were fought in the Coastal Plains 
  • ​C This angered the Texans who would have to travel far out of the way to get to Anahuac
  • ​D Most Texans began ignoring George Fisher and the Taxes


March 6

Battle of Coleto Creek

March 19

Goliad Massacre

March 27

These events happened after the Alamo unlike how they are portrayed in the John Wayne Alamo movie.

  • ​​F During that time the Mexican army suffered over 800 casualties and the remaining half of their army was taken prisoner
    ​G Santa Ann was forced to surrender to Sam Houston after he was captured trying to escape dressed as a common soldier

7 Anahuac

  • ​A George Fisher was a Mexican citizen and the governments customs agent for Galveston Bay
  • B Fisher required all ships traveling through Galveston Bay to sail to his office in Anahuac to pay their taxes and get their paperwork signed

5 Law of April 6th 1830

  • ​A Based on the findings and recommendations of the Mier y Teran Report Mexico stops all immigration from the United States to Texas
  • B Declared that slaves could no longer be brought to Texas
  • ​C The law also placed taxes on goods imported from the U.S.

16 Battle of the Alamo

  • ​A Santa Anna marches his army quickly toward San Antonio seeking revenge for Stephen Austin's victory
  • B Along the way he enlists as many men as he can into his army
  • C Santa Anna arrives at the Alamo sooner than the Texans expected and before they could get reinforcements
  • ​​F Inside the Alamo less than 200 Texans and frontiersmen from Tennessee were led by William Travis, Jim Bowie, and Davy Crockett

Why do you think Stephen F Austin stopped the Fredonian Rebellion?

  • ​C Bradburn confiscated slaves that belonged to William Logan
  • D When Logan and his lawyers tried to trick Bradburn into releasing the slaves, Bradburn arrested the lawyers (one of them as William Barrett Travis)
  • E ​This triggered a protest and a gathering of angry Texans (not peaceful)
  • ​F At Turtle Bayou the Texans wrote a resolution to remain loyal to the Mexican government and Santa Anna under the Constitution of 1824

11 Stephen Austin goes to Mexico City

  • ​A 1833 Austin travels to Mexico City to deliver The Resolutions written at San Felipe
  • B Due to political unrest in Mexico City it takes a month for Austin to get a meeting with someone in charge

Have you ever heard of anyone with a longer name?

  • C The Texans swarmed the Mexican army while they napped
  • D Chaos spread through the Mexican camp as soldiers tried to get to their weapons or escape the slaughter
  • E The battle only last about 15 minutes

2 Hayden Edwards

  • ​A 1825 Hayden Edwards gets empresario grant in East Texas
  • ​B When he arrived he found Native American settlers in the area
  • C He demanded they produce a deed proving they owned the land

1 American Settlers

  • ​A Most Anglo-American settlers favored States' Rights
  • ​B Many Mexican leaders did not like states having too much power and they were not pleased with the States' Rights given in the Constitution of 1824
  • ​C These differences of opinion will lead to the Texas Revolution

17 Texas Declaration of Independence

  • ​A The Consultation met again in 1836 and declared independence on the 2nd of March, during the siege of the Alamo
  • B The Texas Declaration of Independence was written by George Childress and modeled after the U.S. Declaration of Independence

12 Battle of Gonzales

  • ​A Citizens of Gonzales Texas had been given a Cannon to defend themselves against the Natives
  • B Mexico decided it no longer trusted the Texans with the cannon so they sent soldiers to take it back
  • C Texans refused to give the cannon back and attacked the Mexican soldiers with the cannon when they arrived

What does the decision of the Texans; to ignore George Fisher, the taxes, and their customs paperwork; show about their attitude towards cooperating with Mexico?

What effect do you think General Manuel Mier y Teran's report will have on Texas?

  • ​D The Texans flew a flag on which they painted a cannon and the words "Come and Take It"
    E The Battle of Gonzales proved to Texans that the Mexican Army could be defeated and Independence achieved

6 Santa Anna

  • ​A Settlers in Texas, both Anglo and Tejano were upset that the Constitution of 1824 was being ignored
  • B Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón or "Santa Anna" rose to power as an opponent of the Centralist government and a supporter of States Rights
  • ​​G William Travis sent out a letter from the Alamo, carried by Juan Seguin
  • H The Letter called for help and vowed to never surrender

​9 Velasco

  • ​A Texan John Austin had left Anahuac to fetch a canon and bring it to Turtle Bayou 
  • B On his way back with the cannon his ship was stopped by Mexican forces at Velasco. 
  • E The Texans wanted to restore immigration from the United States
  • F They were upset about the high taxes on U.S. imports
  • G The Texans also wanted to be their own independent Mexican state and not be attached to Coahuila

18 Fannin, Colteo, and Goliad

  • ​A Texan Colonel James Fannin and 300 soldiers were trying to reach the Alamo when they were defeated by Mexican forces led by General Urrea
  • B Fannin was forced to surrender at the Battle of Coleto because they were in the middle of a field when Urrea's army surrounded the Texans

8 Turtle Bayou

  • ​AAnother Mexican official began to anger Texans
  • ​B Mexican Colonel John Davis Bradburn began enforcing immigration laws that outlawed bringing slaves in to Texas
  • D When they could not prove ownership he tried to force them out of their homes and off their land
  • ​E Stephen Austin sends Edwards a letter telling him to knock it off
  • F Austin wanted to remain loyal to Mexico under the Constitution of 1824 
  • C When the Mexican commander refused to let Austin pass fighting broke out.  
    D Ten Texans and five Mexicans were killed in the battle before the Mexicans ran out of ammunition and surrendered.

10 San Felipe Resolutions

  • A These early conflicts prompted Texans to hold a meeting
  • ​B 56 delegates met in San Felipe 1832-1833

3 Fredonian Rebellion

  • ​A In 1826 near Nacogdoches
  • B American settlers declared themselves the independent republic of Fredonia
  • ​C The Mexican Government and Stephen Austin sent troops to stop the Fredonian Rebellion
  • ​D The rebels gave up with out a fight and their leaders were executed or escaped

To the People of Texas & All Americans in the World

Fellow citizens & compatriots

I am besieged, by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna I have sustained a continual Bombardment & cannonade for 24 hours & have not lost a man The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise, the garrison are to be put to the sword, if the fort is taken I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, & our flag still waves proudly from the walls I shall never surrender or retreat. Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism & everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid, with all dispatch The enemy is receiving reinforcements daily & will no doubt increase to three or four thousand in four or five days. If this call is neglected, I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible & die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country VICTORY OR DEATH.

William Barret Travis,

Unrest and Revolt

  • D Santa Anna was now in charge, agreed to allow immigration from the United States and to reduce taxes on U.S. imports but denied making Texas it's own state

4 Mier y Teran

  • ​A In 1828 the Mexican Government sent General Manuel Mier y Teran to investigate the situation in Texas
  • ​B His report found that Americans outnumbered Mexican settlers 10 to 1
  • ​C He also noted that the influence of America over the area was growing and Mexico was losing control of Texas