3 California Gold Rush

  • A 1849 Population of CA BOOMS!
  • B People seeking gold
  • C Many Chinese immigrants work in gold mines also on building the railroad in California

8 Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • A Explored the west seeking river routes through the Louisiana Purchase and Oregon territory
  • B Assisted by Sacagawea; guide and interpreter

7 American Progress

  • A Painted by John Gast
  • B Represents Manifest Destiny
  • C Woman represents the U.S. 
  • D Carrying a school book showing education and enlightenment
  • E Natives fleeing
  • F Pioneer families out ahead
  • G Transportation and technology following

6 North West Ordinance

  • A Passed by the Confederation Congress in 1787
  • B ​Rules for setting up territories
  • C Qualifications to become states
  • ​     1 Must have a governor and three judges
  • ​     2 Citizens must elect legislature
  • ​     3 Must have 60,000 population

Remember Gone To Texas

What is another group that we have studied about migrating for religious reasons?

5 Pioneer Families

  • A Thousands of families pack up and move out west to start a new life
  • B Seeking new opportunities and cheap land which was harder to find back east
  • C Oregon Trail to Pacific NW
  • D ​Santa Fe Trail to markets in the SW

4 Mormons

  • A Migrated to Salt Lake City Utah along the Mormon Trail
  • B ​Escaping religious persecution
  • C ​Led by Brigham Young

2 Mountain Men

  • A Traveled west of the Rocky Mountains 
  • ​B California, Oregon (British), Colorado
  • ​C Miners, fur trappers, traders
  • F The idea encourages people to move out west and occupy the land to help claim it

1 Manifest Destiny

  • A Westward Movement, West of MS River
  • B ​Early 1800's
  • C Manifest Destiny is the idea that the United States was meant to take over the entire continent to spread democracy
  • D The idea that it was God's plan for the country
  • E Phrase first used by John O'Sullivan in 1845

“Our manifest destiny is to overspread and possess the whole of the continent which God has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty and self-government.” – John O’Sullivan 1845

Manifest Destiny

To Know Who You Are and who you want to be