5 Gadsden Purchase 1853

  • A U.S. needed one more piece of land to complete the connection of the Railroad from Coast to Coast
  • ​B U.S. pays $15 million for 45,000 square miles
  • C ​Bottoms of Arizona and New Mexico

4 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848

  • A Mexico loses all land claims in the North including Texas
  • ​B Mexican Cession: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and parts of Colorado and Wyoming
  • C ​U.S. Still pays Mexico $15 Million for the land
  • C U.S. then invades Mexico
  • D Fight all the way to Mexico City​
  • ​E Mexican Army destroyed
  • ​F Mexico City defended by old men and boys
  • G U.S. captures and occupies Mexico City (Capital)
  • H ​U.S. PWNS Mexico

3 Two Years of War

  • A U.S. Troops dominate the American SW
  • B Within a few months take land all the way to California​
  • D ​Mexico attacks those troops
  • E 16 Americans killed
  • F America is all WHAT THE HECK!!!
  • G Declares war on Mexico

2 Starting the War

  • A President Polk stations troops on the Rio Grande River to provoke Mexico
  • B Mexico claims the border is North of that at the Nueces river
  • C So according to Mexico those troops are in Mexico
  • D President Polk sends ambassador John Slidell
  • E ​offer $30 million! for something that they didn't own (nice)
  • F ​oh but also we want California and New Mexico for all that cash
  • G ​Mexico says no, let's fight!

1 Annexation of Texas

  • A 1845 Texas becomes a U.S. State
  • ​B Mexico says it's theirs
  • ​C They WILL fight over it

U.S. - Mexican War

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